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Praktikertjänst-owned company “Frenda” needed a new logo and website to sell their dental-care software.


In reviewing the company’s existing logo, Yaygoo opted to make slight modifications to the existing typography in order to emphasize cleaner, sharper lines. We also gave the logo a strong orange color to help distinguish the company from the sea of green shades used on the corporate branding of its competitors.  


In addition to featuring a prominent call-to-action button on the homepage that enables visitors to schedule a free demo, we also embedded explainer videos that offer them a quick tour of the software’s key features. Understanding the value of content in boosting a website’s visibility in search engine results pages, we worked with the client to create in informative FAQ section that provided the authoritative information consumers require in their assessment of the product.



The newly improved corporate branding and website significantly increased the number of free-trial sign-ups and free-trial to paid conversions in a matter of months.

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